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2019 Riot, Girl!

Riot, Girl! White is a new wine which has sprung up as a partner to Rude Boy Red a wine we made for the first time in 2018. These wines are made to be fun, crunchy, juicy, but still with a bit of phunk. Park Wine at its best.

Super juicy Sauvignon Blanc, Vermentino to bring the spice and a little Viognier for some lush. Short skin contact for maximum flavour, 100% natural ferment in older barrels, 6 months on lees to settle and get some curves. No fining, filtration, or additives other than a small kiss of SO2 at bottling.

Like Rude Boy, Riot, Girl! is not just a wine, it’s a movement.

If there was ever a time to start a Riot it’s now.

Girls to the front! 


2019 Sunshine & Hercules Riesling

6th vintage now of this wine and for the second time fruit was sourced from Frankland River due to conditions for Riesling in Porongurup being tricky this year. We are lucky that the Great Southern is such a large and diverse region and that we work with amazing growers in different sub-regions. Fruit was from the Swinneys’ Powderbark Ridge vineyard, but winemaking remains the same.

A few hours’ skin contact for flavour, then pressed for a quick overnight settle with no enzyme or sulphur. Cloudy juice then racked to a ceramic egg and a brand new French oak puncheon for 100% natural fermentation, then left on lees for 7 months. Blended and bottled with no fining, filtration, or any additives other than a small amount of SO2.

2019 Dreamland Riesling botanical

One of our most favourite wines to make and drink!

We wait for the Riesling juice to start fermenting spontaneously in older barrels, then add a ‘tea bag’ of locally sourced native botanicals to each barrel. Then we just leave it, on lees right until bottling. No fining, filtration or any additives other than a very tiny addition of SO2. Maybe the best Dreamland yet.

2019 Andiamo! Vermentino

2018 was the first time we made this wine. Not only was it one of our favourites it sold out super quick!

Not ones to rest on our laurels we decided to push this wine in 2019 for even more complexity and funk.

Fruit is again from Swinneys’ vineyard in Frankland River, picked even earlier (the wine is only 10% alc!), fermented on skins for between 5 days and three weeks, then pressed to older oak. The barrels were not topped up, allowing a natural flor to blossom, resulting in nutty complexity. Bottled unfined, unfiltered, with no additives other than a small amount of SO2.

2019 Gewurlitzer

Unfortunately our Gewurz vineyard was heavily affected by frost this year. However, we did manage to get a small amount – luckily the aromatics of gewurz apck a lot of punch and a little goes a long way!

Gewurz skins were added to fermenting Riesling juice. Hand plunged once a day for two weeks then basket pressed to a single older puncheon where it stayed on lees until bottling with no fining, filtration, or additives other than a small amount of SO2.

2019 Nat Daddy Pet-nat

Super juicy Sauvignon Blanc with a bit of extra pepper/spicy Shiraz.

Bottled just before the end of fermentation for your fizzy drinking pleasure.

Undisgorged (not gushy), no additives whatsoever. Nada.

Absolutely gagging to be smashed.

2019 Mates & Lovers Pet-nat

100% Pinot Gris given some sexy skin time bringing a freshly spanked hue and a bit of texture.

Bottled just before the end of fermentation for fizzy funtimes.

Undisgorged, (not gushy!), no additives whatsoever.

Also bottled in party size Magnums for his and her pleasure!

2019 Maison Derriere

As always co-fermented whole bunch Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This year a bit more Pinot than Chardonnay. Pressed to older barrels to hang out until bottling with no fining, filtration, or any additives other than a small amount of SO2.

Only 3 barrels made.

2019 Ambergris

Another wine we made for the first time in 2018 which was wildly popular, which of course meant we decided to see how far we can push it this year.

Made in the Ramato style. Pushed the carbonic maceration out to a full three weeks, then foot stomped, fermented for a few more days before basket pressing to older barrels for seven months. Bottled with no fining, filtration, or any additives other than a small kiss of SO2.

2019 Small Town Red/White

We are all about light crunchy reds you can throw in the fridge for 30min then take across the road to the park to drink out of plastic cups. Wines which are not just smashable but also fine and cerebral.

The soul of this wine is early picked Cabernet Franc (one of the most under-rated wine varieties!) brings the silkiness and fragrance, a bit of merlot for some fresh juiciness, vermentino for spice and a bit of viognier lushness. Some co-fermentation, short macerations, then basket pressed to be raised in older oak for 6 months before blending and bottling with no fining, filtration or any additives other than a small amount of SO2.

2018 BOUCHE Riesling

Bush vine Riesling from Frankland River. Ceramic Egg fermented and matured on Lees for 6 months. Wildly aromatic, rich, full.

2018 SAVANT GARDE Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

60/40 Sauvignon Blanc to Semillon, 1/5 fermented in brand new French oak Puncheon. 6 months on lees. Crunchy, smashable, SSB for the natty heads AND their Nan.

2018 KLUSTERPHUNK Chardonnay

It’s the Chardonnay fermented as whole bunches for almost three weeks, then put to bed in older oak. It’s a bunch of good times in your glass. Crunchy stalkiness bounces off chardonnay curves. Its Nick Cave and Kim Kardashian doing a duet and we all know its what the world needs right now.

2018 EL ROJO Tempranillo, Shiraz,

From one of WA’s greatest vineyards in Frankland River. Bush vine dry grown Tempranillo, three clones of Shiraz. 100% whole bunch natural ferment then raised in older French puncheons on gross lees for 9 months.
Classic cola nut, dark plum, spicy tomato sugo and Old Jamaican chocolate. Generously luscious palate with lovely balance, plums and cherry cola, stalky scaffolding.

2017 SCHADENFREUDE Shiraz (173 dozen made)

Three clones of Shiraz (174, 470 & Waldron) and a bucket of viognier 100% whole bunch natural open top ferments. Raised separately in older French oak on gross lees for 9 months before bottling with no fining, filtration or additives other than a small amount of sulphur.
Very bright nose with fresh raspberries dusted in black pepper, charcuterie, black liquorice. Medium weight, ferrous, fresh bloody meatiness, plush filled-out relaxed palate, stalky structural length and Chinese five-spice finish.

2017 GAMIN Grenache (73 dozen made)

Really grateful to get our hands on some of this stellar fruit. Grown by legends on one of Australia’s great sites. Dry grown bush vine Grenache hand-picked, long carbonic maceration and natural fermentation 100% whole bunches in open top oak Tyne and raised in older French oak puncheons for 9 months before bottling with no fining, filtration or additives except for a small amount of sulphur.
Cherry ripe, dark plum, pot-pourri, cocoa powder, fresh panettone. Formidable palate, spicy black and red fruits, bay leaf, umami and roasted chestnut. Dense, layered, complex and long.

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